Looks like post-facelift Anakin Skywalker might not be the only prequels character stopping by for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

In an interview with The Talk on Friday, actor Jimmy Smits dropped a hint that he’s got a cameo in the upcoming film. Now, unless they decided to all-of-a-sudden turn him into a Twi’lek, awesome as that might be, that means Smits would likely be returning as Senator Bail Organa.

“Can you say the word ‘cameo’?” Smits said. “Can you say the words ‘small part’?”

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Not surprising, considering the recently released Star Wars Celebration reel appeared to show Smits on set reprising his role. Smits wouldn’t confirm, but close enough, guys. In fact, that’s what the ladies of The Talk pointed out to Smits, prompting his sort-of confession. You can see what looks to be him right behind the camera in the screengrab below.

Screengrab via Lucasfilm

For those who don’t remember, or like to pretend the prequels aren’t canon (you’re not alone), Organa was the first chairman and viceroy of Alderaan, who served in the Galactic Senate before helping to form the Rebel Alliance. He’s also the adoptive father of Leia. And yes, before you ask, he died when the Death Star obliterated his planet in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Pour out your blue milk now.

Smits wouldn’t be the only major appearance from a previous Star Wars film, although, if he’s actually showing up as Organa. Mon Mothma is showing up to lead the Rebel Alliance, and of course Darth Vader is coming back as his badass evil self.

While I’m not the biggest fan of the prequels, I do think it’s nice that one of that trilogy’s best characters might be coming back. After all, Rogue One takes place between Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, so it makes sense. It’s also awesome because Organa has made several appearances in The Clone Wars, which is arguably what the prequels could’ve been if there’d been fewer Anakin whining scenes. Seriously that show is fantastic.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Looks to Have Prequels Cameo