It is undeniable that “Pokemon Go” has gained much success and strength upon its release. For gamers, it is important to now what tips and tricks to use to grab all of the Pokemons and get all of the hidden items out into the open.

Remarkable as it may seem, “Pokemon Go” has spawned a frenzy of gamers going in and out of their comfort zone just to grab the elusive Pokemon, reportsPC Mag. For others, it is a way to connect with the world, while for some, grabbing the hidden items are their main agenda as they cruise through the game. However, playing and getting hidden items for “Pokemon Go” is easier said than done, which is why here are some of the tips and tricks that gamers could use to gain mastery of the game in just minutes.

Do not use the AR. While some would say that using the AR is vital in playing “Pokemon Go,” it is not. For gamers that want to gain more gems, turning off the AR would make the capturing of the characters easier.

Learn CP and its strength. For “Pokemon Go” players, it is important to learn about CP or known as combat power. The combat power is the number above each wild Pokemon and it also showcases the Pokemon's battle prowess, agility and strength.

Learn the art of not wasting time. While it is vital to incubate the eggs while playing “Pokemon Go,” for gamers that wants to exceed in this game, do not wait for the egg to hatch specially if it is a 2K egg. The gamer could rather catch and incubate 5K eggs or 10K to ensure that power and battle dominance is attained.

These are just some of the tips and tricks to unlock the hidden gems of “Pokemon Go.” In a different note,Game & Guide already rendered some tips and tricks in improving the game play of the players such as evading Pidgey, Poliwag and Pinsir and grabbing Eevee Rainer, Pyro and Sparky. For “Pokemon Go” players and enthusiasts, there is still more than meets the eye for this game which is why the tips, tricks and guides can assist gamers to gain more rewards and better gametime.

‘Pokemon Go' Tips, Cheats, News & Update: One-Stop Shop To Get All Hidden Items Revealed; Gain Mastery In Minutes?