There is no denying that “Pokemon GO” is the most popular game today. However, like any other games, it is currently having its fair share of issues and technical glitches. Recent reports are claiming that some servers of the Niantic game are currently down.

The Bitbag reports that some “Pokemon GO” players in Japan, California and the entire East Coast of the United States are currently having problems playing the game. Sources are claiming that most gamers are having a hard time logging in on their accounts.

Reports say that the Google Log In is presently at critical levels, which could be the reason why the “Pokemon GO” servers in U.S. and Japan went down. The Bitbag adds that all game servers in other parts of Asia and Europe are working just fine.

“Pokemon GO” players who uses the Trainer Club have problems logging in too. However, it is reportedly working in most parts of the United Stated and Europe.

Up until not, it remains unclear whether or not the damaged “Pokemon GO” are already up and working already. The Bitbag provides a link where players can check the current status of their servers. Check in here.

Meanwhile, GamenGuide has reported that Niantic is not releasing the “Pokemon GO” worldwide due to several glitches. As a matter of fact, the game company is currently looking for people who can help them fix some technical problems.

Niantic is reported committed to open new servers to cater the needs of other gamers in other parts of the world. However, the game company wants to ensure that “Pokemon GO” players who can already access the game would not be affected in any form.

In other words, Niantic is taking things slowly but surely to give the best to the “Pokemon GO” players. With that being said, the no worldwide release is expected to happen very soon. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more “Pokemon GO” news and updates!

‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News, Release Date & Update: US & Japan Servers Currently Down? Niantic Halts Worldwide Launch?