While bugs and feature complaints are still causing a decent amount of negativity among users, Pokémon Go continues its upward trajectory in terms of overall revenue. App analytics platform Sensor Tower reveals that the game now have over $200 million in net revenue from players based on their estimates.

The spending frenzy in Go compares favorably to in-game revenue generated by other huge in-app purchase-driven games, according to data also tracked by the firm. Pokémon’s star power has helped it nearly double the first month revenue of Clash Royale, the other big in-app star this year. And it’s made almost four times as much as Candy Crush Soda Saga managed during its first 30 days of availability.


Data from Sensor Tower also reveals an important point to consider when trying to evaluate the game’s future revenue potential: Pokémon Go experienced a huge spike in revenue generation in mid-July – the day when it launched in Japan.

Japan was bound to drive increase interest and sales, given that the market is the home of the Pokémon franchise and the site of its most engaged and loyal fan following. And while it’s unlikely that anywhere else can provide quite the same revenue pop, Pokémon Go just added 15 new countries in Asia, which should lead to another sustaining boost.

And the biggest Asian markets still aren’t live for Pokémon Go: Korea, India and China still have yet to come online. Those should help Niantic extend its revenue winning streak, giving us a graph with an even bigger delta between Go and its closest competitors next time around.

Pokémon Go crosses $200M in global revenue one month into launch