Once Upon A Time fans have only one week until the return of the series to ABC. Once Upon A Time Season 5 has been teased as an epic season, and fans will have the chance to see why starting next Sunday.

At the end of Once Upon A Time Season 4, Emma sacrificed herself for Regina’s happy ending. She became the new dark one, and the Dark Swan is the focus of the first half of Once Upon A Time Season 5.

Emma’s family and friends will do all they can to stop her full transition into the Dark Swan. At the end of the episode, Emma vanished. The first scene for the Season 5 premiere, shared in a previous Inquisitr report, showed Hook, Regina, and her family trying to figure out where Emma went when she vanished.

Spoiler TV shared photos from the Once Upon A Time Season 5 premiere, titled “The Dark Swan,” this week, and the photos do show Emma with Rumpelstiltskin. It has been teased in previous spoilers that he will become a mentor for the new dark one. The photos do not show Emma in her dark gear yet though. She is dressed very much like a peasant.

Adam Horowitz teased more about Emma’s dark side to TV Line recently, and fans will see a new side to Emma Swan during Once Upon A Time Season 5.

“She’s a very motivated Dark One. There’s a real driving force behind what she’s doing and why, that we will unfurl. It’s not like a rampant, uncontrollable evil that’s been unleashed. Emma as a non-Dark One was a very smart person who did things for a reason, and I think that translates.”

As for the appearance of Rumple with Emma, Edward Kitsis revealed that fans would learn more about that in opening of the premiere. He said, “She did not travel time; she did travel realms. And why Rumple’s there will be immediately explained within the first act of the premiere.”

There is more to Once Upon A Time Season 5 than Emma Swan. Mulan will return to the series for the upcoming season. Jamie Chung appeared in the role on the series in previous seasons, and she developed feelings for someone. There is a possibility that those feelings would be explored this season.

Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis teased to Entertainment Weekly that they would explore a LGBT relationship this season. Horowitz teased, “We want the show to reflect the world as it is now. Whether that’s going to be with any particular character, we’re not going to say.”

However, with Mulan’s return, many fans are speculating that the relationship in question will be a relationship with Mulan and Aurora. Fans will need to tune in to find out what happens next.

Once Upon A Time will return to ABC on September 27.

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