Suspicions have been all abound about just what the Nintendo NX would be, andEurogamer is reporting something quite interesting: that the system will be portable with home TV dock, feature detachable controllers, and be powered by Nvidia Tegra chips. Eurogamer is saying that multiple sources have confirmed the NX's nature to them, with a separate report saying that the system will use the Tegra X1, which is currently used in the rather capable Shield TV:


What's interesting is that there was a report, seemingly denied by Nintendo, that the NX would run Android. While we don't know what the operating system for NX will be like yet, it is intriguing to see that a chip used in Android devices is going to power Nintendo's new system. Kevin Geisler of Young Horses, developer of Octodad: Dadliest Catch [$4.99], had this to say about the Tegra X1 rumors:

Hopefully the Tegra NX rumors are true: the chip is actually quite capable compared to Wii U and other mobile processors.



      Perhaps this is a big sign Nintendo isn't going to go whole-hog into mobile quite yet, if they're taking a risk on a new portable system, albeit one with elements of mobile devices. Though, they could easily just use their own hardware for selling to their core audience, and utilize more mobile-optimized experiences such as Pokemon GO [Free] that wouldn't work as well on their dedicated hardware.

      Nintendo's NX System to be powered by Nvidia Tegra Chips, the same used in Android Devices.