“Minecraft” has received a lot of updates since October came, but it proves to be “Minecraft: Pocket Edition’s” turn finally.

In this Neuro Gadget report, “Minecraft: Pocket Edition” 0.13.0 BETA finally arrives. What this means—for the uninformed—is that the pocket edition of Minecraft will have new features to look out for, this one in the guise of the Redstone Circuits. People playing Minecraft on PCs will be familiar with the many uses and benefits of having Redstone circuits.

For those who have yet to explore their advantages, Redstone circuits can power entire relays of systems. The 0.13.0 BETA will bring Redstone wires, buttons, levers, lamps, pressure plates, torches, tripwires, trapped chests, detector rails, as well as Redstone itself into the “Minecraft” world.

Other patches which the update brings into the Pocket Edition will be a new wooded door, according to the article, as well as some tweaks and new commands that players will be able to use. Enemies are brought along as well, meaning Ghasts and Slimes will trouble players starting from the latest update.

Here are further information about what people can do with the latest update on the Pocket Edition, according to this video.

Through this Touch Arcade report, two videos arrive—one of which shows a couple of Mojang developers show the power of a Redstone-powered mansion. The mansion has a lot of powered blocks, as well as doors. The complication of making Redstone circuits also arrives in the mobile version.

The importance of Redstone isn’t only because of the game. There are a lot of purposes that can be thought of for Redstone circuits in the game. There have been instances where appliances created for the game—some of which are computers—were powered by Redstone. This video shows an instance where musical instruments can also gain an added benefit from these Redstone blocks.

What was once only doable on the PC can also be doable in smartphones yet again.

‘Minecraft’ updates: ‘Pocket Edition’ receives an important Redstone boost