As you guys may know Captain America : Civil War is hitting the top charts as of right now especially with its trailer hitting over $100 million, I mean views which I grossing way over the film and interest rate for Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice. It is set to believe that at this interest rate Civil War will throw all its competition out the water! Now that's something to brag to your DC friends. I will be happily to agree with information I to be right now have been released about Stan Lees cameo, the big surprise is he gives us is that he will for the first time make a major cameo as a hero that occurs in the comics and to hint it even more it's on the side with less CGI put into effort. Stan Lees cameo isn't just all that we are looking forward to it's also the deaths just as they released in the trailer, yes it was Bucky but it goes with the plot involving an infinite crisis between split universe involving Galactus as the main cause of this event. Due to the fact of it not being original Bucky it was confirmed he would've joined Iron Mans side. Including on this next news topic update which will talk about the new Spider-Man played by Tom Holland where plot turns out he has his own plot going on but it is similar to the edge of time plot Involving Spider-Man 2099. Now it seems like a bunch of info but Civil War was made to give a bunch of marvel Heros their own spin offs to keep going and making this MC universe last for various long amounts a time to make sure it's memory never gets lost. Last Topic but not least there will be a list of upcoming movies that MCU and some good news the fans will love. We have movies upcoming such as Avengers : Universal Times which will be helped in production by you guys. That's right we will have polls on most casting and ideas or you can custom a text or message and send it to us to approve it. We will update new and more information at our Twitter.

Marvel Updates for This 2016 Hype!