Of the many Pokemon spinoffs out there, Pokemon Snap was my favorite. If you've never played it, the basic gist is that instead of the RPG-ish nature of the “proper”Pokemon titles, you're on a Pokemon safari of sorts and are put to the task of taking photos of Pokemon in the wild. You were scored based on shot composition and other factors that go into taking a good photo, and the game actually served as a pretty great trojan horse to teach kids about photography. On the App Store, there's been a few developers who have taken a stab at this genre, most notably R2 Games' Bigfoot Hunter[Free] and BebopBee's Snapimals [Free]. Well, BebopBee is at it again with the Canadian launch of Jurassic Go Dinosaur Snap Adventures, which basically combinesSnapimals with Jurassic Park.

Snapimals was received pretty well on the App Store, with the primary complaints (unsurprisingly) targeted at the game's free to play system. The good news with this sequel/spinoff has (soft?) launched on the Canadian App Store as a paid app and should be available in the US App Store soon. With how well Pokemon Go [Free] has been doing on the App Store, it really makes you wonder if we'll eventually see a realPokemon Snap game on mobile. In the meantime, I'm glad games like Snapimals andJurassic Go exist.

‘Jurassic Go Dinosaur Snap Adventures' Brings ‘Pokemon Snap' – like Gameplay to the Canadian App Store