As you know, Fantastic Four is being ripped apart by critics, fans, and audiences. I was really hoping this movie would be good, but it obviously isn’t. Director Josh Trank really screwed the pooch with this movie, but he’s not taking any of the blame. After the negative reviews started to roll in he sent out a tweet distancing himself from the final version of the film:

“A year ago I had a fantastic version of this. And it would’ve received great reviews. You’ll probably never see it. That’s the reality, though.”

That tweet has since been deleted, but it didn’t stop the internet from getting ahold of it. There’s no stopping this snowball as it rolls from site to site. It seems to me like he’s blaming the studio for not letting him make his “fantastic version” of the film, that would have “received great reviews.” Of course we’ll never see it. I wouldn’t be surprised if we never see another movie made by Trank again after this mess.

He really dug himself into a hole with that tweet. No wonder things didn’t work out with Lucasfilm! No fan in their right mind would ever want to see this guy direct a Star Wars movie. I imagine the executives at Lucasfilm watched Fantastic Four, and after they saw it they were like, nope!

It seems like maybe all of those rumors about the drama on the set of Fantastic Four could be true. It’s a shame that the movie sucks so bad. Fantastic Four is one of those properties that has the potential to be great. It’s sad that no one can seem to get it right, and I feel sorry for the next director to take a crack at it.

At this point, the only way I think anyone would be remotely interested in seeing another Fantastic Four movie is if Marvel were heavily involved with its development like they are with Spider-Man. I’m not even 100% sure they could save the franchise after this! Fox sure as hell isn’t going to save it!

In the end, everyone involved with the development of this film is to blame. That includes Josh Trank, Simon Kinberg, the writers, the producers, and the studio executives who actually signed off on this film and allowed it to get made.