London: JK Rowling has solved some of the mysteries from the ‘ Harry Potter' series, like problems of Horcruxes, 12 Grimmauld Place's bizarre location and what happened to three-headed dog Fluffy, in a q and a on her Twitter account.

The 49-year-old author responded to this question “How come when Harry gets bitten by the Basilisk in Chamber of Secrets it doesn't destroy the Horcrux in him?,” by saying “The Horcrux-receptacle has to be destroyed BEYOND REPAIR, so Harry would need to have DIED. #pleaseneveraskmethatoneagain,” the Independent reported.

Rowling was then asked “Where did Hagrid's beloved Fluffy get to?” to which she said that “He was repatriated to Greece. Dumbledore liked to put Hagrid's more foolish acquisitions back where they belong – not the forest.”

For the question, “Why is the Black family's ancestral home in a Muggle neighbourhood?,” she wrote “A Black ancestor coveted the beautiful house, so ‘persuaded' the Muggle occupant to leave and put the appropriate spells on it.”

She put those wondering about her taste in tea's minds at rest too by answering that she likes Lancashire tea.

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