Future Fight just had its big Agents of SHIELD update to coincide with the season 3 premiere in October and Contest of Champions is coinciding with the comic book of the same name, adding Joe Fixit and Guillotine to the game.

But what else can fans of both Future Fight and Contest of Champions expect this year? How about Jessica Jones.

That’s right, at this year’s New York Comic-Con during the Marvel House of Ideas panel we asked Marvel Games creative director Bill Rosemann to clarify a tweet he made in September about Jessica Jones in certain Marvel Games.

Here’s the tweet in question.

Rosemann gladly explained that some Marvel Games will be having a Jessica Jones update that coincides with the Netflix release date of the series on Nov. 20. The two games he said specifically were Marvel Future Fight and Contest of Champions.

He also gave Future Fight’s Agents of SHIELD update as a prime example for how they are always trying to do updates in conjunction with other forms of Marvel media.

No more details were given, but to continue to look for the updates as we get closer to the Jessica Jones Netflix release date.

We have reached out to Netmarble for confirmation and more details on Jessica Jones and will update as soon as we learn more.

So what do you think of Jessica Jones coming to Future Fight and Contest of Champions? Sound off in the comments section below.

Jessica Jones Update Coming To Marvel Future Fight And Contest Of Champions