They’re a passionate bunch! Harry Potter fans took Twitter by storm on Friday, Nov. 27, after author and series creator J.K. Rowling responded to a fan question about the connection between the titular protagonist and polarizing character Severus Snape.

“Why did you pick Snape to name Harry’s kid after?” a fan asked. “I’m genuinely curious as he was nothing but abusive towards everyone.”

“Snape died for Harry out of love for Lily [Harry’s mother],” Rowling wrote in response to explain why Harry named one of his sons after the curmudgeonly Hogwarts professor. “Harry paid him tribute in forgiveness and gratitude.”

Fans of the fantasy series quickly jumped on social media to squabble over Rowling’s explanation and on Snape’s ultimate role in the beloved books and films.

Rowling, 50, chimed in 20 minutes later to marvel at her fans’ passionate responses.

“I’ve got to say this: you lot have been arguing about Snape for years,” she wrote. “My timeline just exploded with love & fury yet again. Never change.”

Later on, the British author returned to Twitter to weigh in once more.

“There’s a whole essay in why Harry gave his son Snape’s name, but the decision goes to the heart of who Harry was, post-war,” she wrote, referencing the fictional Second Wizarding War.

After attempting to leave the heated debate behind, Rowling checked back in only to find “the great Snape debate still raging,” so decided to add in a few final words.

“Snape didn’t die for ‘ideals,’” she wrote. The controversial professor was murdered by Lord Voldemort, who mistakenly believed he was the master of the immensely powerful Elder Wand. “He died in an attempt to expiate his own guilt. He could have broken cover at any time to save himself, but he chose not to tell Voldemort that the latter was making a fatal error in targeting Harry. Snape’s silence ensured Harry’s victory.”

J.K. Rowling Sparks Twitter Uproar After Revealing Harry Potter, Snape Connection