Hugh Jackman’s Dubsmash addiction knows no limits. He’s gone from lip-syncing Adventure Times‘ “Bacon Pancakes” song to excitedly mouthing the words to Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream,” and now he’s animated his face mimicking Jim Carrey’s “Ssssmokin’!” performance from the 1994 comic book movie The Mask.

Jackman posted the video (view below) on Tuesday, along with this message to Carrey: “Mate trying my best to do justice! Clearly, I should stay in my own lane.”

Carrey, who always gives as good as he gets, responded in kind on Wednesday, spoofing Jackman’s Wolverine. However, the comedian’s take on the character utilized kitchen utensils for claws and a more exaggerated version of his iconic hair-style.


Hugh Jackman Mimics The Mask, Jim Carrey Responds As WolverineHugh Jackman Mimics The Mask, Jim Carrey Responds As Wolverine