When it comes to geeky cat furniture, there’s a wide, wonderful world of Star Wars, Star Trek and gaming-inspired creations out there.

A massive Super Mario Bros. cat tree from MassihaProductions on Etsy now joins the lineup of Landspeeder cat beds and carpeted USS Enterprise cat trees.

We’ve seen Super Mario-related pet furniture before, notably a wall-mounted unit from CatastrophicCreations on Etsy. That model goes for an understated style and subdued colors for a modern-industrial appearance. The MassihaProductions cat tree has no pretenses about fitting in with your tasteful decor. It’s big, loud and proud.

The tree towers above most people at an impressive 7.5 feet (2.3 meters) in height. The tubes are fully functional, allowing your little furry Player 1 to crawl in and out of the brick and question-mark boxes. The front top panel lifts up to reveal a plush cat hangout area inside.

Sisal rope tied around the supports provides a claw-sharpening area for your fuzzball to get out its aggression. You will need to provide your own Koopas, piranha plants and Goombas.

If you think about it, cats and Mario have a lot in common. They both like to play with boxes, chase things, bop objects and show off their agility.

The $1,500 cat tree will only ship to addresses in the US (which will cost you an additional $100), but international retro-gaming fans can use it for inspiration for their own DIY builds.

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