The single-player mode of GTA 5 has been neglected because of the GTA Online. GTA Online has been the focus of Rockstar since its fruition and with the DLCs this seems obvious as well. However it seems like things are going to change and Rockstar's planning to create a DLC for the single-player mode of GTA 5.

Here's the latest on ‘GTA 5' and ‘GTA Online' DLC release dates, news, and updates.

According to Mr. Boss FTW (a known GTA 5 tipster), Rockstar is apparently planning to release a DLC for the single-player more of GTA 5, a Liberty DLC.

Aside from this, another tipster, Funmw2 aka Tezfunz also tipped about the release of Lowriders 2.0 DLC and the Festive Surprise 3.0 Update.
There are also tweets coming from Funmw2 about the Executives and Other Criminals DLC, then there's the Bahama Mamas Night Club.

According to Ross, we might also see another DLC that is focused on night clubs and disco clubs, similar to the Ballad of Gay Tony in GTA 4.

The upcoming Festive Surprise 3.0 is believed to be released by Christmas Eve, and Lowriders 2.0 is rumored to be moved to January or early February.

Now when it comes to the Liberty City DLC, according to IBTimes,

“The tipster clarifies to a fan that he is actually referring to the game location and not just the textures found in the files. This could actually mean that Rockstar's recent release of Liberty City stories for mobile phones and the game's secret unlockable T-Shirt reading: “I love Liberty City”, may have something to do with Rockstar's plans for releasing a single-player DLC in GTA 5 for current-gen gaming platforms.”

So it means that this is not the GTA 5 map. The tipster added,

GTA V is based of GTA IV since they use the same game engine. They don't have to transfer the whole city, they can take a part of it and update it. Anyway I assume it's coming with SP DLC.

Because from what I saw, they are going to re-create how the map is loaded with SP DLC. Creating new versions of existing scripts. With every update, you can also see them taking stuff from previous games that use RAGE engine and update it to transfer it into GTA V. Example: The Heist yacht (Max Payne 3), most of the DLC vehicles are from GTA IV.

GTA 5 and GTA Online DLC Release Date and Updates: Single Player Mode DLC Set to be Released, Festive Surprise 3.0 Update Set to be Released Christmas Eve [VIDEO]