With less than two weeks to go before Fallout 4‘s release, Bethesda is focusing on launching the game, and has told fans not to expect news about post-release items such as mods right now.

Responding to questions on Twitter about Fallout 4 PC mods, Bethesda marketing executive Pete Hines said, “If it's ok with you, we're gonna focus on the game release first and talk about mods when we've figured some stuff out.”

Fallout 4's mod tools–the Creation Kit–won't be available at launch on November 10, instead coming sometime in early 2016. Players can create mods on PC and then share them. In addition, some mods created on PC will be playable first on Xbox One before coming to PlayStation 4 later.

“The most important thing in our games is the freedom you have to create your own experience, and modding is a big part of that,” Bethesda said last month. “Like all our previous games, we've made sure to keep Fallout 4 open and moddable at every step in development. Early next year we'll release for free the new Creation Kit for the PC. This is the same tool we use in the studio.”

Fallout 4 launches on November 10 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. In other recent news, the RPG has gone gold, while Bethesda has confirmed that it will not release a demo for the game. In addition, a leak revealed the game's Xbox One control scheme, new abilities, and more, while the game's list of achievements/trophies has emerged.

Don't Expect Fallout 4 Mods News Soon