Developer RuvixArts is set to release its debut title, Crooked Path, on August 4th. The concept behind the game is a bit abstract, and the video doesn't necessarily make the gameplay super-clear, but you'll be activating switches, hopping portals, all to explore these levels full of, you guessed it, crooked paths. It's a gorgeous-looking game, with some definite Mirror's Edge influence in there, and some of the concepts in play seem mighty intriguing:

The concept behind the game is inspired by some personal strife in lead developer Joseph Mambwe's personal life, with the game being driven by the quote “The path to your destiny, will not always be a straight one.” I'm intrigued to see how this all plays out when this releases. Check out the forum thread posted by the developer for more screenshots of this one and to discuss the game.

‘Crooked Path' is a Gorgeous Looking Game Set to Release in Early August