Please be aware there are Ant-Man spoilers below. Evangeline Lilly was a scene-stealer in Marvel’s Ant-Man. Her character, Hope Van Dyne was a ass-kicking, proficient, no-nonsense businesswoman who helped whip Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) into Ant-Man quality shape, mended fences with her secretive father Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), and played a vital role in preventing an international catastrophe at the hands of the nefarious Darren Cross (Corey Stoll). All without ever getting her hands on a super suit.

For those of you who wanted to see Hope fill the role of The Wasp, it sounds like your wishes will come true in due course. During a fan Q&A session on social media, Lilly confirmed she was fitted for the supersuit, though she hasn’t had a chance to try it on yet.


On her official Facebook page, a fan asked Lilly if she’s worn the suit yet, to which she replied,

I was scanned for #TheWassuit, but then I got pregnant. Let’s hope I fit it again! #ineedtime!”

She later clarified that while she went through the scanning process she was a wee bit pregnant to ever try it on. 

No Ant-Man sequel has been ordered yet, but the size-shifting superhero has been confirmed for Captain America: Civil War, and the post-credit scenes made a pretty strong statement that Marvel has plans for these characters in the future of the MCU. So it’s not entirely surprising to hear that Lilly’s been fitted for a suit, but in tangent with the post-credits sequence, it’s revealing of what Marvel has planned for her character.

For those who need a little refresher, Hope’s mother Janet was the original Wasp, who worked alongside Hank and sacrificed herself during a mission, falling irretrievably (maybe) into the Quantum Realm. Due to his guilt over her loss, Hank would never let Hope wear the Ant-Man suit, no matter how badly she wanted, and she wanted really badly. It’s a huge source of contention between the father and daughter, but the post-credits scene revealed that Hank’s been building her a super suit of her own all along, and he’s finally ready to trust Hope with it.


Lilly also spoke briefly about Edgar Wright‘s incarnation of Hope Van Dyne and how the character changed when Peyton Reed took the helm.

She became more relatable and a little less like an original, 1960’s comic book character. I LOVED both versions, but the version we settled with fit better in the #marvelverse. I’d still love to do Edgar Wright‘s version, too.

The actress spoke briefly about it on Twitter as well, describing Wright’s version as “tres Film Noir”.

I’ve got to say, at this point it seems a little silly to still be so hung up on Wright’s version of the film. I understand, Wright’s film probably would have been amazing, but as a huge fan of what Reed pulled off in his final version, it’s a bit much to still be harping on what “could have been”.

It’s likely going to be quite a while until we figure out what Marvel has planned for Hope, but based on the post-credits scenes, Lilly’s comments and Marvel’s predilection for building up heroes on their own turf before throwing them in the multi-hero pics, I’d say it’s a safe bet to expect some Wasp down the line. Maybe Infinity War‘s gonna be her time.

What do you think? Is the Wasp a guarantee in future MCU films? Looking forward to seeing Lilly fill the suit? Sound off in the comments below.


‘Ant-Man’: Evangeline Lilly Confirms She’s Been Scanned For a Super Suit