For those of you who enjoyed Marvel's Ant-Man, the full fight sequence between Ant-Man and Falcon has found its way online for you to enjoy. This was such an entertaining scene, and it would have been even more awesome if Marvel would have held back on using Falcon in the marketing material. I guess they really wanted to make sure audiences knew that this movie was connected to the rest of the MCU. I would have loved not knowing that Falcon was going to make an appearance, but once the studio started including him in the trailers, there's not much you can do about that. It was really fun to see how this sequence paid off at the end of the movie, offering fans a little set-up for Captain America: Civil War.

Ant-Man had such a different vibe than the rest of the Marvel films, which I thought was refreshing. As we get closer to Doctor Strange, that tone is going to change even more, because we will be getting into the whole supernatural realm of the Marvel Universe, which is going to open up some crazy mind-blowing possibilities. The clip was released in advance of the film’s Chinese debut.

Ant-Man and Falcon Fight Sequence Has Been Released Online.