With Furious 7 coming up in just a couple of weeks, I'm rewatching the films of the Fast & Furious franchise to get revved up for the sequel. I love the mythology and world-building in this series, and I get a kick out of going back and revisiting the little connections in earlier films with the knowledge of the relationships that would form later. (Example: I just watched Fast & Furious last night, and I had totally forgotten that Gisele was essentially a bad guy to begin with, and that she flirted with Dom before ultimately getting together with Han.)

The team at Cinefix is back with a new entry in their “Things You Probably Didn't Know” series, and they're shining their high beams on the Fast & Furious films, giving one fact (and sometimes more) for each movie in the series thus far, including one for Furious 7. Even though I was already a big fan of this franchise, I still learned something from this video, so refill your NOS boosters, buckle up, and check it out for yourselves below.