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Flynn's Log 1: Rescue Island

Free eBook | Flynn's Log 1: Rescue Island.

Flynn wakes up in a video game world, his memory is gone and the dangers are real!

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Free Minecraft Book|Minecraft Adventures - Flynn's Log 1: Rescue Island

Book Description

THE WORLD IS IN TROUBLE and needs a hero.

Flynn, a Minecraft expert, enters the digital domain, but something goes terribly wrong.

“In short, this is a great read: ingenious set-up, exciting plot and strong characters.” –A Graves

Flynn gets stuck inside the game! His memory is gone and the dangers he faces are real.

As the game world evolves game world introduces new dangers and creatures that Flynn has never seen before. An intelligent creature comes to his aid, but can Flynn trust this digital creature?

About the Flynn's Log series: In the near future, video games begin to change and evolve. Random bits of data create a virtual intelligence that takes over the digital world. A digital crisis is born, bringing the real world to a halt. The only person who can save the world is Flynn, but he needs help from his friends, the Hackers.

“In short, this is a great read: ingenious set-up, exciting plot and strong characters.”

-A. Graves

“This book was an awesome addition to our bedtime stories. “


“It was great! My son really loved it! He is eagerly waiting for the next one! He read it many times and every time he enjoyed the book.”
-Anil Sharma

“Best. Book. Ever!”

-Devon Whalen