spiderman12The day for comic book fans across the nation has came; Marvel and Sony have partnered to include Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe .With this also comes the news that “The Amazing Spider-Man” franchise will not be included in this universe and the role of Peter Parker will be recast; sorry Andrew Garfield.

I know Moviepilot has been and will continue to be smothered with casting lists, but I am too passionate about this not to post my own, so I hope you forgive me.

Number 8: Devon Bostick


Many fans of “The 100” will recognize Bostick (23) from the CW hit. Along with “The 100,” he played Rodrick in “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” In both he showed off his ability to play an awkward geek. But he is also very capable of being a smart-ass. In a little known movie called “Small Time” is where I noticed his true acting ability. I question if he can be a leading man, but he has talent.

Number 7 : Christopher Mintz-Plasse


MCLOVIN!!! Yes I am including almost everyone in the worlds favorite nerd. I will get backlash for having him on this list but I believe he has the potential to be perfect for this role. He can easily play an awkward teenager while be funny behind the mask. I question his ability to act when put into serious situations, but seeing him in the music video “U Don’t Know” by Alison Wonderland he plays a psycho ex-boyfreind. I take it with a very huge grain of salt considering he did not speak in it, but his mannerism’s were unlike I have ever seen out of him. It leads me to think there may be more talent here than we thought.

Number 6: Logan Lerman


How can anyone making a Spider-Man casting list not include Lerman? Heck, he is one of the two currently being rumored for the role. While he showed off his acting ability in “Perks of being a Wall Flower” and “Fury.” There is just something about him that does not make me excited when I think about him as Peter Parker. I guess you would say I just have a feeling that Lerman would not be the best choice for Spider-man, but I could easily be wrong because this guy is an amazing actor.

Number 5: Tyler James Williams


When I first saw him on “Everybody Hates Chris,” I thought; “There is not much here.” But I will eat my crow, Williams shows off his talent in “Dear White People” and “The Walking Dead.” When I first saw the character Noah on TWD, I almost did not recognize him because I was so impressed by his acting. He can easily pull off the nerdy, the smart ass, and the serious tone that a Spider-Man movie needs.

Number 4: Drake Bell


Bell has hit hard times in his career, but he is still a solid actor. I will be honest though, the only reason he is on this list is because every time I hear his voice, I think Spider-Man and anytime I think about what Spider-Man would sound like, I think Drake Bell. He voices Spider-Man in “The Ultimate Spider-Man” for the Disney channel which could lead to why I think of him and Spider-Man in the same, but it doesn’t change anything. My only drawback is his age, at 28 his potential to play the young Peter Parker could be over. Who knows though, maybe Marvel wants an older Spidey.

Number 3: Ansel Elgort


If you have not seen “The Fault in Our Stars,” you need to. Shailene Woodley (possibly Mary Jane?) was amazing in it, but you cannot over look Elgort’s amazing performance in it. He is a rising star, and more than capable of playing Peter Parker and Spider-Man. This is one of the guys along with Logan Lerman that you could not be mad at for casting, because they are such amazing up and coming actors.

Number 2: Donald Glover


#DonaldforSpider-Man. It is going to start up again, and it should. Glover is possibly the most underrated actors in Hollywood. This is a guy I have watched in his career; his delivery, mannerisms, and charm not only make him a great actor, but perfect to play Peter Parker and Spider-Man. He has the acting range to take over comedy roles like “Community” and will show off his dramatics in up and coming thriller “The Lazarus Effect” and up and coming drama “The Martian.” He will be hurt by his age (31) but he can still pull off a much younger character.

Number 1: Dylan O’Brien


In my opinion Dylan O’Brien is the most talented actor in Hollywood. He is the best actor I have seen in years, especially for his age. His ability to go from witty to serious in a split second is something very few actors on this Earth can pull off. When watching season 3 of Teen Wolf when he played a very dark and disturbed character; it gave me chills, he made it feel so real. Any character I have seen him play, he has taken over it and became the character; when I watch him act I see the character, not O’Brien. That is a very good thing.

Playing Stiles Stilinski in “Teen Wolf” shows off how well he is at playing a smart-ass and his delivery with one-liners. In “Maze Runner” he proves he is a leading man and can carry a franchise, in a tone similar to that of an Avengers movie.

Dylan O’Brien will be a household name in a few years, with or without Spider-Man on his resume. But in my opinion Marvel/Sony will miss out on a huge opportunity, if they pass up on O’Brien. According to a report by Variety both Dylan O’Brien and Logan Lerman are being considered for the role, but neither approached.

I am just going to leave this here. Skip to 4:32 to hear something very Ironic.

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